Education Programmes at the British Schools Museum

The British Schools Museum offers a variety of hands-on educational sessions to support and extend knowledge, skills and key aims of the curriculum for children and students of all ages from year 1 up to university students.

Through role-play, object handling and demonstration lessons children and students are given the opportunity to explore and discover what life and education would have been like at different times in the past. Investigation using historic objects, photographs, documents and environments provides a tangible link to our past, offers excitement and stimulates curiosity and discussion.

The lessons, People and Places, Life as an Evacuee and Toys, Play and Design were developed with primary school children in mind but can be adapted to KS3 if required. GCSE Sociology is designed to support Education option topics and Education for All is designed with further and higher education students in mind but both can be tailored to the needs of any group from KS3 upwards. We are also able arrange custom visits or come to you. For further information follow the links below.