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Dr J D Davies 

Don’t Mention Jack Sparrow: the Best (and Worst) Sea Stories
What’s the appeal of nautical historical fiction? Which sea stories float our boats, and why?

Hugh Bicheno   

Hertfordshire – Battleground of the Wars of the Roses
The vital crossroads of three highways and the site of two crucial battles

Jane Dismore    

Royals, Rebels and Aristocrats
The pleasure and pain of writing about Britain's 'blue-blooded' families of today and yesterday

Jon Beattiey      

The hidden depths - behind the bookshelf
How stories began; the origins, romance, art and presentation of the written word.

Allan Esler Smith & Hugh Bicheno 

The battle of Arnhem and conflict on film
How a veteran of Gallipoli directed a film about the Battle of Arnhem - the biggest grossing war film in the UK for a decade