Books, Beers & Banter - Creative Zone

Rowena M Love 

School Days: Poetry Workshop
A special 'British Schools' themed multimedia poetry workshop suitable for all levels of writer

Owen Knight       

Young Adult Fiction: Writing, Getting Published and Beyond
The challenges of writing for Young Adults, finding a publisher and building a market

D A Adamson       

The Joys and Sorrows of Self-Publishing
Explores the routes and platforms for self-publishing with some simple guidance for wannabe authors

Andrea Shavick 

Grandma Was Eaten By A Shark!
Funny, Silly (and a few Gruesome) poems for kids of all ages.

Julie Stock         

‘My Journey from Complete Beginner to Self-Published Author.'
How and why I self-publish my contemporary romance novels.

J.S. Watts           

Writing With Your Senses: Creative Workshop
Learn how to make your writing come to life by using all your senses

Rowena M Love & J.S. Watts

Chalk and Cheese: A fun interactive poetry reading where you get to pick the poems