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Ella Kahn          

How to Hook an Agent
Discover the dark art of writing a stand-out submission, with tips on cover letters & pitching.

Simon Michael 

“Murder.  It's a living.”
Fact and fiction: the Krays, police corruption and my life at the Bar

Allan Esler Smith  

Can you retire early, rich and happy?
Invaluable for those who want to take their retirement planning seriously and a mine of useful information

David Lister                 

Dr Johnson’s blockheads
What is the point of writing books, if not for money?

Neville Davis                         
The Dangers, Limitations and Fascinations of Family History Research 
Family History research is a fascinating topic, but it's a journey fraught with danger as secrets are revealed.

Wendy Berliner              

Great minds and how to grow them
Brains are malleable and IQ is not fixed, parents are essential for academic success

Terry Gillen                  

You Can Do It: 7 Ways to Unlock The More Confident You
Seven ways to improve your confidence quickly and easily