Saturday Activity Sessions 2015

On the third Saturday of each month there are themed activities at no additional cost with something different every month.

21st March - Evacuee Experiences

Try on a gas mask, learn to recognise different aircraft, handle wartime objects and write a letter home to Mother but listen out for the air raid siren as you may have to retreat to the air raid shelter. Suitable for all ages.

18th April - Animal Capers

You'll be amazed how many animals there are hiding around the museum. Bring your favourite (toy!) animal with you and follow our trail to find them. Animal themed storytelling at 11.00 and 12.00 and animal making throughout the morning. Ideal for younger visitors and their adults but all are welcome.

16th May - Nursery Rhymes

We love nursery rhymes, what about you? Follow our nursery rhyme trail and join us for nursery rhymes at 11.00 and 12.00. Ideal for younger visitors and their adults but all are welcome.

20th June - Sample the Samplers

Find out more about our sampler collection and have a go at designing and making your own samplers. Suitable for all ages.

18th July - Toys and Games

It will be the first Saturday of the holidays for most people so what better excuse to get out our replica games and toys. Find out how children played in the past, how you can make moving toys without electricity and above all have fun. Suitable for all ages.

August- there will be no Saturday activity session in August but be sure to visit our Doctor Who Exhibition.

19th September - 150 years of Alice in Wonderland

Enjoy our curious pop-up Alice in Wonderland display, follow our Alice in Wonderland trail and make an edible Alice.Ideal for younger visitors and their adults but all are welcome.

17th October - Teach your Parents

Find out how one school teacher could teach up to 300 pupils on their own then teach your adults and friends the same way. Mini-Monitorial Lessons at 11.00 and 12.00 in the Monitorial Schoolroom. Suitable for all ages.

21st November - Family Fun Art Show

We will provide the paper, pencils, crayons and inspiring surroundings and objects, you supply the creativity and let's see what wonderful works of art we can create. Suitable for all ages.